Kickstarter Announcement - The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall #1

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Kickstarter Announcement - The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall #1

Lacey is missing.

Her sister, Lori, has ignored all warnings and traveled to Dusk County to bring her home. Lori quickly learns that things aren't as they should be and is forced to team up with a few unlikely allies, or risk becoming the next victim of Dusk County.

The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall #1 is coming to Kickstarter : Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 10am EST.

Critics raved for the first two issues of The Dusk County Chronicles:


"Devilishly Sinister and Undeniably Compelling" - Tyler James (Comixtribe Publisher / Host of Comixlaunch)

"I'm legitimately scared of what goes on in Joel's Head" - Russell Nohelty (Creator - Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, Editor - Cthulhu is Hard to Spell)

"The Twisted Tales of Horror you crave!" - Richard Rivera (Stabbity Bunny)


Now, prepare to experience the first multi-issue entry into The Chronicles.

The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall is a three-issue mini-series that takes characters from every story within the first two issues of The Dusk County Chronicles and brings them together for a horrific tale of mystery, betrayal, and sacrifice in a world of monsters and nightmares. 

Stay tuned for more updates and reveals in the coming weeks as we move closer to February 25!

Welcome back to Dusk County.


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