DCC: Nightfall Variant Cover Reveal

DCC: Nightfall Variant Cover Reveal

My favorite comic on the market currently has to be Sink, which is a horror comic set in Sinkhill, a neighborhood in Glasgow, Scotland. Written by John Lees, and published by Comixtribe, the ten issues that have been released so far are the perfect mix of horror, suspense, and action.

But there's one creator that brings the gruesome crimes within Sinkhill to life.


The art of ALEX CORMACK.

Sink - Published by Comixtribe (Copyright John Lees & Alex Cormack)

Horrifically beautiful, ain't it?

I'm sure you can probably tell, but I'm a huge fan of Alex's work in Sink. He has also done great for IDW and a boatload of other things, but I knew that I wanted to work with him ever since I saw his art in my first issue of Sink.

Well... I'm working with him!

Here's a look at his cover for The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall #1!

I love it!!

It has his signature style while capturing so many key characters from Dusk County.

Are you as excited as I am? Comment below and let us know.

You can get your hands on this awesome cover and even more rewards when The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall #1 goes live on Kickstarter at 10:00 AM EST on Tuesday, February 25, 2020.


Her sister, Lori, has ignored all warnings and traveled to Dusk County to bring her home. Lori quickly learns that things aren't as they should be and is forced to team up with a few unlikely allies or risk becoming the next victim of Dusk County

The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall is a three-issue mini-series that takes characters from every story within the first two issues of The Dusk County Chronicles and brings them together for a horrific tale of mystery, betrayal, and sacrifice in a world of monsters and nightmares.


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