Nightfall Has Come.


DCC: Nightfall #1 - Available Now! Shop New Styles


[The] Dusk County Chronicles delights in twisting the stories you know into something devilishly sinister and undeniably compelling. You’ll never look at your favorite children’s tales the same way!

Tyler James (ComixTribe Publisher, Host of ComixLaunch)

I am legitimately scared of what goes on in Joel's head, and I say that with all the love and respect in the world, mostly because I fear what Joel would do to me if I didn't...but also because this issue is AWESOME!

Russell Nohelty (Creator – Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, Editor - Cthulhu is Hard to Spell)

The twisted tales of horror you crave! Leave the happy endings behind and come to The Dusk County Chronicles for your fix of fun and fright.

Richard Rivera (Stabbity Bunny)

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