The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall

Welcome to Dusk County.

Nightmares have befallen the tortured towns within Dusk County. Terror is sweeping the county following a string of mysterious disappearances and monster sightings.

Journey into a place where the dogs are just as vicious as the monsters are real, wonder is overrun with horror, and dark secrets loom in the neighborhood toy store in the fast-past short story format of The Dusk County Chronicles #1 and #2. 

Then, prepare to experience the first multi-issue entry in The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall #1. This is the start of a three-issue mini-series that takes characters from every story within the first two issues of The Dusk County Chronicles and brings them together for a horrific tale of mystery, betrayal, and sacrifice in a world of monsters and nightmares.

Creative Team:

  • Joel Rodriguez - Writer / Letterer
  • Roman Gubskii - Artist / Cover Artist
  • Andrea Lorenzo Molinari - Editor
  • David A. Byrne - Editor (Nightfall)
  • Christina Rodriguez - Creative Consultant


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