A 24-Page Full-Color Mini-Anthology
Featuring 4 Standalone Horror Parody Short Stories
Coming Mid-2019

Story #1 – A Friend in Me
“The life of a toy is not all fun and games. A small group of toys learns this hard lesson as they are stranded in a van on the side of a country road and begin to be viciously murdered by one of their own. Scared and alone, witness their fight for survival!” 
Story #2 – Forever Young
“How far would you go to reconnect with someone that you’ve lost? Jenny’s relationship with her mother never quite recovered after the disappearance little brother, Miles, and father years before. These rocky grounds are tested even more when Miles returns with a plan to reunite them…at a cost.” 

Story #3 – Mindgames

THE COMMANDER is the hero of justice within Dusk County. He defeats the corrupt and defends the innocent. Recently though, super villains have begun to disappear in mysterious ways. Gone without a trace.

Is there something sinister hidden behind the smile of the savior?


Story #4 – Just Right

Lacey is lost. While traveling for an interview she takes a wrong turn and ends up broken down and stranded in a dark forest within Dusk County. After wandering aimlessly, she stumbles upon a cabin in the woods.

What horror will she discover within the shambles of the old shack?


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What are people saying about The Dusk County Chronicles?
“The Dusk County Chronicles is hands down, one of the best series I read in 2018/19. Joel Rodriguez is a force to be reckoned with and DCC is proof of that very statement!”
– Nathan Liberty (
Humorous, sad, satisfying, and quite frankly downright horrifying! 10 out of 10!”
– Todd H. Latoski (
“fast, fun and frightening”
– Jason Marconnet (GENXGROWNUP)

“Dusk County is the place where all your childhood dreams go to die, and then come back and eat you. A place where innocence and hope are laughed at. It’s also a roaring good time and I can’t wait to go back.

– Bill McCormick a/k/a Bill McSciFi.

Are YOU ready to “Enter Dusk County”?